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Moz Ship Supply
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Our main office is located in Maputo

We are general ship suppliers, where we hope to be the best and simplest alternative to the maritime industry in our country

Moz Ship Supply is the best supplier for ports and maritime areas. We do our best to provide our customers with the lowest possible cost.

The variety you like.
Surprising quality.

Food Supply Services

Moz Ship Supply (Lda) offers a full range of fresh, frozen and dry supplies that are stored in our own warehouses which contain facilities ...

Frozen Products

We sell poultry, sheep, pork, beef and fish and all types of seafood; Top quality cuts of meat from 100% trusted suppliers.

Bonded stores

We supply all types of cleaning materials and equipment that ships need. We offer a wide variety of items for ships calling at our ports, with a wide range of products

Materiais de limpeza

Fornecemos todos os tipos de materiais e equipamentos de limpeza de que os navios precisam. Oferecemos uma grande variedade de itens para navios que fazem escala em nossas portas, com uma grande ..

Deck stores and engines

Moz Ship Supply (Lda) transports all types of ship accessories and nautical equipment for decks, engines and cabins. Charts, nautical publications, flags and ...

Maritime Logistics

Moz Ship Supply (Lda) provides a world-leading logistics service that includes forwarding spare parts for a wide range of products and project freight, coordinating complex operations involving off-scale shipments of larger parts. Your shipment will be packaged, organized and closely monitored throughout transportation from warehouse to final destination. Our logistics department will assist you with the following:
  • Freight forwarding (international and local)
  • Sea, road and air freight
  • Storage
  • Title facilitation
  • Cross Board Services
  • Consultancy

To prove what we're capable of, all it takes is one chance

Bilingual service always available to understand and solve the needs of the national and international team.

Numerous options in the segment of food, cleaning products, equipment and deck tools.

Installations with strict temperature control, ensuring optimal climate control at all points.

Easy tracking of each delivery through multiple communication channels.

Our membership and certifications

Moz Ship Supply Ltd. is a member ofIMPA, ISSA SHIPSERV, MARINE TRAFFIC