The Port of Maputo is a Mozambican port located in the city of Maputo, the national capital. It is located in Maputo Bay, on the north bank of the Espírito Santo estuary, which is separated from the Mozambique Channel by the islands of Inhaca and the Portuguese and the Machangulo peninsula

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Is a Mozambican port located in the city of Beira, capital of the province of Sofala. It is located in Sofala Bay, which forms a huge complex with the mouth of the Púnguè, known as the Beira estuary, in front of the Mozambique Channel.

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in the province of Nampula, in Mozambique. The city is one of Mozambique’s 53 municipalities, with an elected local government, and also a district, which administers the powers of the central government.

Are sets of Mozambican port terminals located in the municipality of Nacala. The terminals are located in Bengo Bay, an indentation south of Fernão Veloso Bay, at the entrance to the Mozambique Channel. The port terminals that are part of the complex are located on the city coastlines of Nacala and Nacala-a-Velha.

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Pemba is a Mozambican administrative post and city, seat of municipality and district, and capital of the province of Cabo Delgado. Until 1976 the city was called “Porto Amélia”. According to the 2007 census, the city has an area of 102 km² and a population of 141 316 inhabitants.

The city is located just off the bay of Pemba, one of the best protected on the Mozambican coast. It is located, in a straight line, 1,666 km (2,450 km via highways) northeast of the national capital, Maputo.

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